The Chronicles of Quiver Dick

The Chronicles of Quiver Dick is a Crude Comedy RPG that has one goal and one goal only: To make you laugh! Play as Quiver Dick, a legendary storyteller and former badass, as he embarks on one of many downright crazy and entirely messed up adventures!

From the creative minds that brought you Metal as Phuk, based on one of the most hilarious characters ever written into an RPG, The Chronicles of Quiver Dick takes you on one crazy adventure as you play the role of Old Man Quiver in his youth.
The Chronicles of Quiver Dick is a 1.5 hour Crude Comedy RPG that does not overstay it’s welcome!

Entirely scripted encounters with full boss dialogue, no random battles, and a uniquely compelling short tale is sure to hit you right where it hurts! … (In the funny bone…)

The characters in the game are made up of a plethora of folks who supported Crankage Games along the way and The Chronicles of Quiver Dick was our way of supporting the fans who have supported us as we give back to the community. This particular tale is the first of many standalone adventures to come in this series. Embark on a journey into the past of one of the craziest adventurers of all time and join him as he finds Grandma Tracy, Grandmother to two sarcastic, A-Hole children, (Emma and Andrew), who like to give Old Man Quiver a hard time!


◾ Relaxing Linear Story

◾ Able to be completed in one sitting

◾ Constant laughs from start to finish!

◾ No Random Battles! Every conflict has meaning to progress the story and is fully scripted with unique dialogue!

◾ Level up, collect loot, and kick monster-balls in with calculated turn-based strategy!

◾ Bonus Rewards for exploring optional hidden items and content

◾ Awesome music to provide the perfect atmosphere

◾ Be a part of history! Crankage Games, we support our fans! Don’t be surprised if you find your name added into future games!